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Alert Driving, Inc

1900 Camden Ave. Suite 205
San Jose, CA 95124

ADI and ADI-OP Outpatient Services are located on Camden Ave. between Union and Leigh  Alert Driving, Inc. is in the Silicon Valley Business Center. The entrance is the back of the building on the second floor in Suite 205.

Tel: 1 (408) 879-7581
Fax: 1 (408) 879-7587


Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm

Orientation Date Request Form

The DUI process can be complicated, confusing, and expensive. In order to enroll the first step is to schedule and attend an orientation. You may enroll in a DUI program prior to court conviction.

To request an orientation date, use our Orientation Date Request Form, or call the ADI office during the listed office hours.

On the date you attend the orientation your Department of Motor Vehicles form is electronically submitted to the DMV allowing you to obtain your restricted drivers license if you are eligible. You are able to enroll prior to court sentencing.

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Alert Driving, Inc.
1900 Camden Ave, Suite 205
San Jose, CA 95124

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