About ADI

Alert Driving Inc. San Jose

What We Offer

A series of topics are covered in education which include psychopharmacology, progression of chemical dependence, disease concept of addiction, health risks, the legal consequences of driving impairment, the role of alcohol and other drugs in society, the synergistic effect of drugs and alcohol, and principles of recovery with a strong emphasis on relapse prevention principles.

Group sessions involve process oriented group counseling coupled with one-on-one individual sessions. Topics addressed include family systems, communication, values, emotions, cost of drinking, stress and relaxation, coping mechanisms, healthy relationships and relapse prevention. Clients in need of additional referrals will be directed to appropriate agencies.

Our primary goal is to motivate clients in learning and behavior changes which will result in lifestyle modifications. We teach new ways to deal with life problems and enable clients to successfully address problems with alcohol or drug use. The program provides education, individual counseling and group participation in a supportive atmosphere designed to enhance self-disclosure and problem solving. Education classes are delivered through a combination of lecture and film. Throughout each session emphasis is placed on the harmful effects of alcohol and drug abuse on health and well-being.

All sessions are conducted solely by counselors who have the education and experience to be certified by the State of California. Our staff receives yearly continuing education training on the newest trends in addiction studies.

Staff members at ADI are well informed of DMV requirements and system information. We share our knowledge with our clients to help them regain a valid California driver’s license upon completion of the program if they otherwise satisfy DMV requirements. As a State licensed DUI provider ADI follows all the requirements by law for enrollment, services and program completion in addition to reporting to probation, court and the DMV.

Our Mission

Our mission at Alert Driving, Inc is public safety on the highway and education about alcohol and other drug use or abuse.

The program is designed to provide education, group process and face-to-face interactions with clients in an atmosphere of openness and self-revelation. By facilitating learning and behavioral adjustments significant lifestyle changes necessary for a healthy future can be achieved.