Anger Management Program

Anger Management program

Program Description

ADI offers a comprehensive Anger Management program designed to help clients learn about their anger and healthy ways to manage their anger. Anger is one of many natural emotions we experience, and can range from mild irritation to complete rage. Whether triggered by the stress of work, money issues, relationship problems, the loss of a loved one or some other traumatic event, anger has challenged most of us.

Clients learn safe appropriate ways to experience their anger without bringing harm to themselves and others. Clients learn their anger cues and to be mindful of when they are becoming emotionally elevated, as well as techniques to de-escalate or interrupt anger cycles, so that they are able to avoid inappropriate, violent and harmful behaviors. Clients are taught conflict resolution skills, stress management and relaxation techniques, interpersonal communication and emotional regulation. Through various exercises and group activities, clients learn to apply their new skills in everyday life.

Group counselors are certified in Anger Management and bring years of experience in anger management. Group counselors are also experienced in working with clients that present with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression and addiction issues. Groups are facilitated with the expectation that all participants honor our program's strict confidentiality policies.

Program objectives:

• Identify and change maladaptive behaviors to healthy, appropriate behaviors

• Learn to identify triggers that lead to stress and anger and current responses to those triggers

• Identify and incorporate healthy anger management techniques and coping mechanisms such as: emotional regulation, effective use of "timeouts", self-monitoring, stress management

• Learn effective interpersonal communication skills - active listening, use of "I" messages, empathy

• Become mindful of your own emotional state and sensitive to the emotional state of those whom you share interpersonal relationships


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Contact the office at 408-879-7581 for information on the Anger Management Program.

Groups are held weekly for two hours over a 16 week period. Programs can be modified in length per court order requirements and reporting.
Clients can be either self or court referred. The sixteen week program is $875 in total for groups. A down payment of $200 is required at enrollment and the balance can be paid monthly.

Individual sessions can also be scheduled in lieu of group for privacy and convenience. Please call for fees.

Weekly Group Themes include:

1. Five Themes of Domestic Violence

2. Power and Control Wheels

3. Anger as a Secondary Emotion

4. Stress Reduction

5. Relaxation, Recreation and Leisure

6. Communication Skills; verbal, nonverbal, filtering, coded language, noise

7. Healthy Boundaries Enmeshment versus Autonomy

8. Values Conflict (ours versus partners)

9. Conflict Resolution; active listening, paraphrasing, "I" messages

10. Anger and Substance Abuse/Triggering Talk

11. Roadblocks; denial, regression