Review for Alert Driving Inc. San Jose Ca."Coming into all of this I really dreaded it, but it was a very rewarding experience. I am very thankful."
- Male, 23

"Helped me examine what's going on in my life and why I've made the choices I have. Very well run and organized. I liked the balance of education and self-examination."
- Female, 46

"Very informative – a family-like environment."
- Male, 23

"This was six months? I didn't feel like it. Thanks for making an awkward situation pleasant."
- Female, 32

"I hate to say I liked it, but all in all it was a very good (and necessary) experience for me."
- Male, 41

"I really enjoyed the group, we talked about all kinds of things and I always felt good when I left."
- Female, 59

"This class definitely cut back on my drinking a lot. I came to the conclusion that drinking is not helping me advance to any of the goals I've set in my life."
- Male, 27

"You get a chance to talk about the things you can't with your friends or family."
- Female, 27

"I could have signed up at other DUI school, however I chose ADI. I am very happy I did!"
- Male, 54

"I did not anticipate that my time spent here would be so beneficial – it was a good surprise. I wish I could refer friends who I feel might benefit."
- Female, 30

"I looked forward to class. ADI was the silver lining of my DUI experience."
- Male, 40

"It was a good balance between seriousness and optimism. I feel hopeful but also forever changed by the experience. ADI helped me manage through the fear of it all. I feel like I accomplished something!"
- Female, 53

"It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be – hearing about other people and their lives was interesting."
- Male, 40

"I very much enjoyed this experience for having been required to sign up. The group counseling was great and I would definitely recommend this location to anyone who was in this situation."
- Female, 26

"This class made me really think about my drinking."
- Male, 51

"ADI was the most reasonable and relevant part of my DUI punishment. I actually learned things that will help me in my life."
- Male, 30

"I felt comfortable and safe with the atmosphere at ADI. I was able to communicate my thoughts, listen to others and learn from their experiences."
- Female, 30

"Great job! Very professional! Thank you!"
- Male, 45

"It made me/helped me make amazing healthy changes in my life. Forever grateful."
- Female, 24

"Gave me tools to look at myself for any problems in my own life."
- Male, 30

"This program is very helpful and I am very grateful for the knowledge I have acquired. No offense but I will DEFINITELY not be back here. I've learned my lesson."
- Female, 25

"I thoroughly reaped powerful life changing and sobriety enhancing experiences with this program. See you sober on the streets."
- Male, 47

"It was extremely therapeutic to be around others who knew what I was going through – helped me stop punishing myself."
- Female, 22

"Real information that I can use in real life."
- Male, 31

"If I knew it was going to be this good I would have been here sooner."
- Male, 58

"My own personal realization I got is that alcohol is a problem for me, period. Thanks."
- Male, 25