Why ADI?

Review from ADI clientProfessional DUI Counseling

Our DUI counseling staff all meet or exceed the certification requirements for DUI counselors set by the California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs.

Our outpatient staff all meet or exceed the certification requirements for alcohol and drug counselors as set by the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Counselors.

Many of our staff members also have advanced degrees and trainings in the social service and health sectors. Visit our ADI Staff page for more information.

Our treatment strategies incorporate the best evidence-based methods that put the client’s concerns and sensitivities at the center of the process.

Personalized, Competent Treatment

Every participant is treated as an individual, with unique strengths and challenges. Our office staff works hard to ensure that all your administrative requirements are met promptly and professionally. Our counselors know that every person who seeks our services is going through some difficulties in their life, and stand ready to assist our clients in their journey to a better tomorrow.

Everyone at ADI is dedicated to seeing that each person receives the best possible services.

Our DUI Program provides participants with a safe, confidential environment to discuss any alcohol and drug related problems or concerns with their counselor. We provide court-mandated classes and counseling to assist in identifying and seeking solutions to
each individual's personal alcohol and drug problems.